Feb 1st, Bake Sale to raise money for Steven Swan Humane Society. 

The Stevens-Swan Humane Society of Oneida County has a rich and diverse background. In the early 1900s it was the work of two separate men from Rome who started working in the area of animal welfare: Gustavus Swan and James N. Stevens. In 1910, Swan and Stevens, both involved in animal and child welfare, combined the two agencies and incorporated them to form the present day “Stevens-Swan Humane Society.”

The actual offices were in private homes until the 1930s and the agency was run entirely on volunteer efforts. In 1949, the first animal shelter was purchased. Throughout the 1900s, Annual Meetings of the Society were held just like today. From older records of SSHS, the burden of unwanted, abused, homeless and injured animals was just as much a problem then as it is now.

The present day Stevens-Swan Humane Society evolved from a combination of efforts of hundreds of people before us. Taking care of animals that are surrendered, lost or unwanted is a large task, and the burden is overwhelming. It has not been an easy voyage. Throughout the years, trends in animal welfare have changed. With these changes come tremendous financial obligations.

This is where we need your help. Stevens-Swan Humane Society has always relied on contributions from the community in the form of bequests, estates, day-to-day donations, membership drives and annual fundraisers. Since the turn of the century it has always been a tradition to turn to the community for assistance to reach our mission goals. We rely on the generosity of people to help us to meet these demands. We are a private organization so we do not receive any state or county funding.