Dear Parents & Guardians:

Albany Elementary PTO is taking a slice right out of the mouths of our students and launching a much requested pizza fundraiser, courtesy of Little Caesars, just in time for the winter break parents are eagerly anticipating.

Little Caesar Pizza Kits come in an assortment of styles and saucy flavors for you to choose. Best yet, each kit makes 3 pizzas (depending on how doughy you are), breaking the cost down to just $7.00 for a 12-inch pie.

While price is always a factor, we’ve also thought about the boredom theses poor children face outside of their beloved studies, and recognized what an engaging activity pizza kits make. And, caregivers, we’ve thought about you too! In launching this campaign, we made sure that all pizza kits will arrive before break so can have an answer in hand when your beautiful, ever-hungry little darlings ask what’s for dinner, lunch, snack, dessert, or two-minutes after their snack, dinner, lunch or dessert. Now, you can simply turn to them and say, “Pizza, pizza!”

Slips are due back no later than Monday, February 4th to insure you get the hot and ready selection you deserve.

As always, please let PTO know what you think of these fun-raising endeavors. Opinions, suggestions and pizza donations (scratch that, we were hungry as we were typing) are always welcome!

Thank you again for all you do. And don’t forget…pizza, pizza!



The tired (and hungry) parents of PTO